About Beansfotos

A Little About Beans
Owner, Photographer & Visualist


I’m a New Orleans native who has been doing fotography since late 2010. I’m constantly trying to push the envelope on ALL things "SEXI" and I try to always show that in my fotos. 

I take pride in my work having a very strong graphic/artistic feel to it. Before I picked up a camera, I was a pencil/sketch artist and graphic designer. I've been at this since Windows 3.1 and Photoshop version 1.0. 

I love to not only make things as sexy as possible but to do it in an artistic and graphical way. I work hard to do the very best that I can for every lady that walks through the door.

I hope you can appreciate the art just as much as the ladies who appear in it ;-). I absolutely love doing it. Cheers to SEXI!

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Why choose Beans.

We do our best from the moment you reach out to contact us to make sure everything is completely taken care of. We help to make sure your shoot day and the images from it are everything you can imagine and more!

Our Goal.

Our main goal and objective is to provide the opportunity to ladies who have the desire to feel, look and be sexy! No matter your experience or any other classification, if you have the WANT to be sexy, we can make it happen.

What we Do.

Creative artistic sexi is what we do! It's captured through photography and fine-tuned through technology.... blah blah blah! In normal terms, it's indoor natural light sexy photography with photos that favor a more artistic touch!