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Here you can find answers to questions that are usually asked or thought about. If you don't find the answers here, then please submit a new questions here.

Can I purchase a shoot as a present for someone else?
No. Unfortunately, this is no longer allowed. The pre-shoot process requires direct interaction and input from the lady that will be shooting, so while you may make the payment for her, I will need her direct email address and contact information in order to book her shoot. Communication with her directly is required.
I see lots of models in Beans gear, can that be purchased by anyone or only girls that shoot with you?
Beans gear, and giveaways, are available on the Shop page HERE.
Where else can I see your work, do you post nudes anywhere?
I post my work to a wide variety of social media accounts. Different things are posted to each one. For details on where to find nudes, or behind the scenes access, or videos from shoots, etc... please visit the Social Media page HERE.
Where will we be shooting, a studio, outside, hotel, etc?
We shoot indoors, in a studio (it's an apartment condo complex). It's a primary natural light location with large windows. In cases of overcast and no sunlight, the studio is fully equipped with professional studio lighting. You can see a few photos and find out more about the studio HERE. If you would like to shoot at a different location, that is fine, but there are certain requierments for that. Please discuss for details.
Where is the studio located and what is it like?
We are located in the Greater New Orleans, Louisiana area. To find out what the studio looks like on the inside and more information about what's in here please visit the Studio page HERE.
How can I get access to the V.I.P?
You can purchase a monthly pass here, on the shop page. The pass DOES NOT automatically renew each month since there are limited spots available.
How many ladies have stayed overnight in the studio?
At the time of writing this answer, I have had close to 30 ladies fly-in to New Orleans to shoot. About half of those ladies stayed in studio for their weekend of shooting.
Are there nude images in the V.I.P.?
Yes. Not every image posted to the V.I.P. shows nudity, but there is full nudity throughout each month.
Can I reschedule or change my shoot day after I've booked?
Yes. Ladies are allowed to switch their shoot day ONE TIME if they decide they need to. As long as I am notified 7 days before the scheduled shoot.
How long does the photo shoot last?
Each photo shoot type has a set number of hours that is allowed for shooting, you can find those details on the Pricing and Rates page here. Your shoot time does not start until AFTER your hair and make up are complete and we snap the first photo. Total time for your shoot would be the number of hours in your shoot type plus 2 hours for hair and makeup.
How long will it be before I can view the proof photos?
You will receive an email within 48 hours of when your shoot ended with information how to view all the proofs from your shoot.
Can I use my UN-edited photos for submissions or social media?
Unedited photos would NOT be availble to download, share or use for any public viewing or sharing. That is not a service or feature that is offered. The proof gallery is used for picking favorites, downloading your edited images, ordering prints, or selling prints.
Do I get a CD (or drive) with all the unedited photos from the shoot?
No. I do not provide CDs (or drives) with all the unedited RAW photos from shoots. This is not a service or feature that is offered under any circumstance.
Can you help me to get published?
Yes. If you have purchased a shoot type or editing package that includes that.
Do you post photos from every shoot?
No. I do offer completely private shoots for ladies who do not want their photos shared. You can find details about that on the Pricing and Rates page HERE.
Are there any requirements in order to shoot?
Yes, one. You must be over the age of 18 (proof of age required). There are no other requirements at all. All heights, weights, ages, races, hair colors, eye colors and experience levels are welcomed.
How much does a V.I.P. membership cost?
Each month the cost can vary. For the cost of the current month, please check here, on the shop page. If there is no cost listed, it is because the next set is still in production.
How much will everything cost and is it all due in advance?
Pricing will be different depending on your shoot type. Only 50% of your total is required in advance. The exact amounts are displayed on the Pricing and Rates page HERE.
Can someone fly in and stay there in the studio with me?
No. The only person the studio is available for is the model scheduled to shoot.
What happens if an emergency comes up and I can't make the shoot?
Emergency situations are handled on a case by case instance depending on all of the variables. My goal is to get you in front the camera, so I will always do my best to try to work things out.
Will any food or drinks be provided or should I bring some stuff?
There are usually light snacks (fruit, nuts, etc...) in studio available but you are more than welcome to bring little drinks and snacks if you have signed up for a longer shoot and need them.
How long will I have access to my proofs and does it cost extra to have my proofs reloaded after the gallery expires?
You proof gallery will automatically expire 60 days after you are given access. You can request to have your gallery extended for 30 days at no additional charge as many times as you would like. Once the gallery has expired there will be a cost for reloading your proofs any extra times after that. Information on that cost can be found on the Shop page HERE.
Do I get any prints with the shoot?
No physical prints are provided with any shoot type. The ability to purchase prints from your gallery is available.
I want to get published, what magazines would you recommend?
There are tons of opportunities to make this happen. Recommendations will depend on the personality and what you are looking for. This is included with the Power, SEXI and Gift shoots. A list of publications (magazines and websites) that I have had work featured in/on can be found on the Experience page HERE.
Can I post my proof photos?
No. If the photo has the Beansfotos Proof logo on it, then it can not be posted online. If one is posted you will instantly forfeit any edits that are remaining without a refund and your proof gallery will be removed.
Do you shoot men or animals?
No. Ladies only.
Do you shoot plus size ladies?
Yes, I do. They are more than welcomed, like any other ladies.
What all is included in my shoot?
That will depend on what type of shoot you have chosen. You can see details on what is included in each on the Pricing and Rates page HERE.
Are any type of discounts available?
No. I do not have any discounts that are currently running. To keep up to date on discounts and specials, please make sure to follow my social media.
Is it OK to give your contact info to my family/friends for another way to contact me?
Yes. I always recommend ladies give the exact studio location and my contact information to family/friends when coming down alone.
What happens if I have to cancel my shoot (NOT RESCHEDULING)?
All deposits are non-refundable. Your shoot will be removed from the schedule and that is it.
Does the hair and makeup artist stay the entire time?
No. The hair and makeup artist will leave after completing your look before we start shooting.
Can/Should I give anyone my gallery password?
No. If there is a photo you would like someone to see, either show them on your phone or screen shot that one photo to text them. You should never share your gallery password.
How much do prints cost, and what sizes are available?
Print prices will vary depending on size and shipping. Sizes run from wallet size up to 40x30 poster print size. You will see the exact prices and variables in your gallery.
Will I get paid to be published?
In most situations, you will not be paid by publications to appear in them. There are some exceptions to the rule and opportunities, but they are not the norm.
Do I have a say in the photos of me you post on social media?
No. I never post inappropriate photos of ladies, but I do not allow ladies to decide which photos are posted on my social media pages. You are allowed to post anything that has been edited of you and placed in your gallery.
Can I do a shoot with someone?
Yes, but only if both ladies have already done individual shoots with Beansfotos before. No new faces during group shoots.
Can I bring anyone with me to the shoot?
No one is allowed to stay in studio once hair and makeup through shooting is going on. All shoots are closed and private to everyone.
Will I be responsible for doing/finding someone to do my hair and makeup?
No. If your shoot type comes with or you have added the professional hair and make services, then this will be taken care of already for you.
Will anyone have to know that I'm doing a shoot or can it be a completely private thing?
The only way to make sure nothing is posted about your shoot at all, make sure you pick the Gift/Private shoot type. More information on the Pricing and Rates page HERE.
If someone travels with me can they stay at the shoot? If not, any suggestions for things they could do?
No. All shoots are closed and private. There are tons of attractions, malls, sports bars and eating places that are in the area.
Should I have my lady parts waxed/bleached?
If you are planning or open to doing nude or implied shots, then I do recommend a very fresh shave or waxing. Bleaching is up to you.
How many outfits can I wear during my shoot?
That will depend on what type of shoot you have chosen. Shooting in Beansgear and shooting nude do not count as one of your outfits. You can see details on how many outfit changes are allowed in each on the Pricing and Rates page HERE.
How many edited photos do I get with the shoot?
That will depend on what type of shoot you have chosen. You can see details on how many edits are included in each on the Pricing and Rates page HERE.
Do I get to pick the photos I want edited?
No & Yes.
No: The initial edited images that are included with your shoot package are picked by Beansfotos. You do not get to pick those initial edits.
Yes: If you decide to purchase extra edits, you are allowed to select which images from your proofs you would like to have edited (but if you would still like me to pick them, I will).
How much are extra edits?
You can find exact cost and pricing on individual edits and packs of edits on the Shop page HERE.
Can I submit my photos that you have taken/edited to a magazine?
Yes. You can handle your own submissions process and deal directly with publications if you would like. When it is time to send in the high res 300dpi images I will have to send those directly for you.
Will you tag me in the pictures of me that you post? Do I have to tag you in the photos I post?
Yes, I will tag you (unless you have directly told me that you do not want to be tagged). I do ask and appreciate ladies tagging me in the photos they post, but it is not required.
How many magazines have you been in?
I've been featured with and worked with over 80 publications and magazines. You can see the entire up to date list on the Experience page HERE.
Can you help me get paid jobs and other bookings?
Yes. If you have signed up for the Power, SEXI or Gift/Private shoot then opportunities and information given to me will be passed along to you.
I really like the natural look, can I shoot without makeup?
I strongly recommend against ladies doing this style of photo shoot without professional hair and makeup; especially not wearing any makeup.
Will I wear the same clothes other girls wear?
Yes, if you are using my outfits. Some of the outfits are brand new still with tags, but most of the outfits have been worn at least once. There are 120 outfits here in studio. After booking you will receive gallery information to view everything including the sizes.
What's the best day to come in, Friday or Saturday?
I encourage ladies traveling in to come down on Friday evening, since we begin shooting Saturday morning.
If someone is hired to do my hair and makeup, do I need to bring any of my own makeup (foundation, etc)?
To play it safe, I always say yes, bring your basics.
Can I use props?
I have some in studio, but if there are items you want to shoot with, please do bring them.
How long will it take to get the edited photos back?
Your edits are guaranteed to be completed within 30 days of your shoot.
Can I purchase group edits?
Yes. I do offer group/package edits. You can find exact cost and pricing on individual edits and packs of edits on the Shop page HERE.
Will I need to pay additional prices to use your photos as submissions for publications?
No. You are free to submit any photos that have been edited of you. The only additional cost will be getting the photos edited. Please keep in mind that unless you have purchased a shoot that includes social media & publishing, you will have to handle your own submission process with publications.
Will you block my ex or hater that doesn't like me?
No. I will block any one that makes rude, negative or inappropriate comments on my social media post, but those are not by request of the ladies.
How do I know what weekends/months you're available to shoot in?
Once you have completed the Sign Up form found HERE, you will receive a link to my calendar to pick your day and time from what is available.
Can I reach out to models you have worked with in the past to ask about there experiences with you?
Yes. Please do. Feel free to contact any ladies you may already know or feel free to randomly contact any ladies I have tagged in any photos on my social networks.
Can I choose the style of my shoot and the kind of clothes that I want to wear?
Yes, to a certain extent. I do strive for a consistent style and look in my photos, but I am alway open to ideas from ladies.
Do I have to shoot nude? If I do shoot nude will anyone know?
No, you are not required to shoot nude. If you decide to, the only people that will know you did are the people you tell, unless we have agreed on ones to post.
How much spending money do I need to bring coming from out of town?
If you are staying in studio, then you will only need your normal souvenir spending money ($25-$100). All of your other cost are covered.
How many outfits do I get to wear, and what all do you have in studio?
How many outfits will depend on what type of shoot you have chosen. You can see details on what is included in each on the Pricing and Rates page HERE. After booking your date, you will also receive information on how to view everything, including sizes, for all of the outfits here in studio.
How do we set the pace on shoot day to make sure I am comfortable?
There is a process in place to ensure that you are comfortable and more information is given after booking if needed.
How do I get a photo of me hung on the studio walls?
Each section/wall in the studio has a set of different requirements. Details are given to ladies on shoot days while they are in studio if they ask.
Can I make a photo book for my spouse/significant others birthday or other holiday?
Yes. A wide range of products are available.
When trying to get published in a magazine will you help in communicating with people from the magazine about our photos or will I be responsible for that on my own?
Yes, I help in all steps of the process for ladies who have chosen the Power, SEXI or Gift/Private shoot types (more information HERE) and also for ladies who purchased submission edit sets from the Shop page HERE.
Why are certain models featured more frequently than others?
This could be for a number or reasons. In most cases it just means I have more edits of that model completed.
I don't know how to pose or do facial expressions, is that okay?
Yes. I will show you every single pose and how to do them. I also will couch you with tons of tips and tricks for getting the right facial expressions.
Will I be comfortable while I'm shooting or will it be awkward?
This is a question you should ask any lady that I have worked with in the past about. They will be able to answer this question best. You can take a look at some of the feedback from other ladies I've worked with HERE.
What if I'm not in the shape I want to be?
We are always our own toughest critic and it's human nature to never be satisfied with ourselves, so I encourage ladies to not let this deter them from shooting. Let's discuss your situation individually.
What do we do while we aren't shooting?
Each fly-in is different so the trip is customized based on things you may want to do or see and also depending on when you get in town and how much time is available.
How many images are in the V.I.P.?
Every month we bring you an exclusive set of never-before-seen images of the current month's VIP Hostess. With all the bonus images, you get access to 20-40 images total for each month of membership.
Do you have female toiletries in studio?
Yes. I suggest ladies still bring personal items like a toothbrush, but in studio there are hair dryers, flat irons, and most female items that would be needed. Please ask if there is something specific you are looking for.
What areas of town would you recommend staying in?
If you looking for a hotel near the studio, then I suggest the Veterans Memorial Blvd / Causeway area. If you are looking to be in the heart of the action, then downtown New Orleans is where you should look. It's about 10 min from the studio so not a bad drive.
Do I have to bring my own cloths/outfits to wear or are there outfits available there for me to use? I'm concerned your outfits may not fit me.
I have over 120 outfits in studio in a wide variety of sizes, after booking you will get information to a gallery to view all outfits and sizing details. You are still welcomed to bring your own outfits if you would like or if you think nothing I have will fit you.
Is there anything I shouldn't bring to shoot in (swimsuits/jerseys etc)?
Just keep in mind that my style of photography is based on my branding of SEXI. While I don't tell ladies not to bring anything, the more difficult it is to make an item sexy, the less likely we are to use it.
Will I be asked to try poses I'm not comfortable with?
Your boundaries will be pushed and I will make tons of suggestions to you, but you will not be forced to do anything and can always say no to a pose you are not comfortable with.
Can I smoke in the studio?
No, but you can smoke outside.
What happens if I decide to stop modeling; what happens to my photos?
You will still have access to your proofs if you ever want/need the gallery loaded back up. If you wish not to be tagged anymore in photos, that is also perfectly fine. Edits that were completed of you may still be posted, but your name and tag won't be used when posting your photos.
Are there other products besides prints that I can purchase with my photos on them, such as air fresheners, posters, etc.?
Yes. There is a wide variety of products available to you. Setting you up to sell these products is not something that is offered to every lady. Make sure your shoot type is the Power, SEXI or Gift/Private shoot. For more information look for Product Development & Sales on the Rates page HERE.
Can I buy prints and products of my photos to sell on my own?
Yes. Make sure your shoot type is the Power, SEXI or Gift/Private shoot. For more information look for Product Development & Sales on the Rates page HERE.