What Clients Are Saying...

There is extreme pride in knowing you've done your job well and given your clients' a service and product they truly enjoy and love. It makes it even more worth it when people take the time to let me know with their testimonials.

  • Victoria A.

    Getting to work with Beans is an amazing experience to be had. I can literally spend all day doing a shoot with him and I have on many occasions. He loves what he does, it’s like an innovative art form, he just has it and he captures chemistry beautifullyy. I felt soo comfortable, sexy, and seductive. Seeing the photos after a day of shooting is like having an “O” lol but no really. If you’re considering booking a shoot, I Highlyy Recommend. xo💕

    Victoria A.
  • Laurie M.

    Beans is hands down the best!! He is one of the only photographers that made me feel 100% comfortable while shooting. Definitely one of the best experiences and not only did I leave feeling confident and beautiful but my stomach hurt from laughing so much! It was a great time/shoot and the pictures speak for themselves. ♥️

    Laurie M.
  • Melany B.

    Thank you so much! I had a blast shooting with you and the photos are so hot. My confidence has boosted immensely. You are a ROCK STAR!

    Melany B.
  • Veronica D.

    Beans was absolutely amazing. I was nervous because I've shot with multiple photographers; each one ended up disappointing me. It was at the point where, I felt like, I was to curvy to shoot. Beans, made me feel sexy & comfortable during the shoot. His easy, going charm helped me open up & feel pretty. I definitely would recommend Beans to anyone. Especially, if you're curvy or have insecurities. Beans will take those insecurities & turn them into something beautiful.

    Beans is very professional. His website is set up immaculately. It has all the information clearly laid out & easy to understand. He stays in contact with you, the entire time leading up & after the shoot. I've some photographers, get the deposit & not talk to you till 15min before the shoot. Beans stayed in communication & answered any questions promptly & throughly.

    I honestly can't say enough good things about Beans. If you have any doubts, please don't. Just take the chance & book, you won't regret it.

    Veronica D.
  • Darian R.

    I have been wanting to do a shoot for over a year now but was too nervous to do so. I finally decided to go for it and I definitely do not regret it. Beans made me feel very comfortable and was professional. He makes you feel awesome about yourself and it definitely shows in his photos. Overall an amazing experience that I recommend everyone do at least once.

    Darian R.
  • Chanel C.

    I had been watching Beans posts for over a year and one day I just said, why not? I traveled from Canada and it was worth every penny! I've worked with over 20 photographers and he is by far the best I've every worked with. He knows exactly what he wants and is great at telling/showing you how he wants you to pose. He is down to earth, genuine and very chill. I was so comfortable working with him, it felt like I had known him for years. I definitely will be back to see his magic in action! Thanks for the amazing experience! A dream come true!

    Chanel C.
  • Katarina B.

    If you’re looking to have fun, laugh a lot and take pictures all at the same time, Beans is definitely the right choice! He made it so easy to get a good shot.

    Katarina B.
  • Christina B.

    This was my 1st time doing a photoshoot. I had a blast shooting with Beansfotos. He is very professional and knows how to make you feel sexy and comfortable. He was able to show me how to pose so he could get the best angle. I can't wait to see the book of photos I ordered. This was by far the best boost of confidence I have ever experienced. Thanks again Beans

    Christina B.
  • Katlyn D.

    Literally the best experience! I was soo nervous the whole week prior & ride there but as soon as I walked through the door, all my nerves went out of the window. It was a day I will never forget! I smiled the whole ride home. I can’t wait to come back! As a mother, I can honestly say that is the best I have ever felt since the day I had my son.

    Katlyn D.
  • Sami F.

    I cried after leaving my shoot! Best experience of my life! Beans makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful! I loved every second of this experience and I will 100% be shooting with Beans again!

    Sami F.
  • Val S.

    Being that this whole photo shoot was way out of my comfort zone and going into this I was so nervous but not long after being there I felt totally welcomed and relaxed. He is an amazing photographer. He makes you feel relaxed, sexy, and confident. He explains the poses and facial expressions well. He makes you laugh when he does the poses himself. I highly recommend him. Will definitely be going back to shoot more.!

    Val S.
  • Jessica W.

    Beans is hands down AMAZING... You want quality, classy, seductive, but yet unique to fit who you are? Beans is where to go! Professionalism at its finest! I know just where to come when I need a bad girl photoshoot!

    Jessica W.
  • Saxon B.

    Working with Beans is more than just some sexy pictures! He goes beyond expectations and truly makes it about the experience and the photos look incredible!

    Saxon B.
  • Miranda M.

    Working with Beans was truly amazing!! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. From the moment we met, Beans made me feel comfortable, confident, and most of all sexy! He’s an incredible person and photographer, and I’m so happy I had the privilege to work with him!

    Brandy L.
  • Miranda M.

    Beyond my wildest dreams!", doesn’t even fully describe my experience with Beans! I was so nervous walking in but his energy and personality just blew all that away. He made me feel something I haven’t felt in a long time which is SEXI!! He is an absolute genus and truly a one of a kind! I cannot wait to go back to shoot with him!!

    Miranda M.
  • Bella F.

    I’m so happy that I decided to do this shoot. Beans is amazing at what he does. He made me feel sexy and confident. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

    Bella F.
  • Rachael L.

    Exactly what I expected and more. My Photoshot was amazing, self empowering and beautiful. I was alittle nervous at first but left feeling so beautiful and sexy. Beans is a great photographer and very professional. Promise you will have a blast.

    Rachael L.
  • Sereen D.

    I was a fly in from Canada, ... and from the first conversation Beans made me feel more than comfortable flying across the border to shoot ... he's an amazing person as well as photographer. He walked me through the shoot and helped with poses and learning my angles. He was also very professional and easily the best I've ever worked with ... New Orleans with Beans will forever be one of the best times of my life ... he helped me see myself in a different way and gave me a massive confidence boost ... I plan on going down again to shoot!! Very soon!!

    Sereen D.
  • Megan J.

    I had such a wonderful time working with Beansfotos. Everything exceeded my expectations from the moment I pulled up to the second I left. It was great atmosphere and Beans was fun and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. If you are thinking about shooting, DO IT! It really was a SEXI Experience.

    Megan J.
  • Haley B.

    Shooting with Beans was an amazing experience. From the time you get there he makes you feel confident and sexy. His atmosphere is comfortable, professional, and his work is unbelievable. I wouldn't recommend anyone else but him!

    Jennifer L.
  • Haley B.

    Everything about the Beans experience is amazing. I've never been shy about being in front of the camera but I was totally nervous about flying from out of state to shoot with someone I had never met. Just upon Beans picking me up from the airport I knew it was going to be the best weekend ever! Beans is very sweet, funny and professional. Everything about the shoot was amazing and he really made me feel like I was at home. Besides the bomb ass photos it's worth it just to have met Beans. I'll forever be grateful for the doors that have opened and opportunities he has given to me. #driveby

    Haley B.
  • Alexis J.

    First time going to Beans I was so nervous but not long after meeting him you relax. He is the BEST I've ever worked with. He makes you feel relaxed, sexy, and confident in the way you move. He explains the poses and facial expressions well. He makes you laugh when he does the poses himself. I tell everyone about him and recommend him to anyone and everyone I can. Will definitely be going back to shoot more.

    Alexis J.
  • Brandy R.

    From my first time shooting with beans I knew I would be setting up another shoot asap because he is amazing, he makes you feel very comfortable, beautiful and sexy and laughs a lot during the shoots! You really find yourself confidence shooting with beans!

    Brandy R.
  • Traci V.

    So I stalked beans for years and always been a big fan of his work but I wasn't ready and was to shy and uncomfortable with my 'Mommy body'. After finally getting into the studio, I don't think any words can describe the experience I had my first shoot, he made me feel so comfortable in my own body and I felt so beautiful, I have been back several times already and would only recommend him. His work is by far the best that is out there, he is funny, honest, has the best poses and his makeup girls are amazing as well. This is a must do, get with him, talk to him and pose for that camera.

    Traci V.
  • Maddy K.

    I will never be able to thank Beans enough for giving myself the confidence that every women should have going into the photoshoot, that I left with. The professional, but yet comfortable atmosphere along with Beans' amazing personality just made my moment in the camera one to remember. I tell women almost everyday that if they haven't done a photoshoot with Beans yet to do it, because not only is he the best in Louisiana, but his artwork and his experience is just unbelievable. You won't find better.

    Maddy K.
  • Mel E.

    I can't say enough amazing things about B! Not only is he the most professional photographer I've ever worked with, he's also the most talented. From making me feel comfortable from the very second I contacted him, to producing the most amazingly beautiful and tasteful pictures. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone and can't wait to shoot with him again! Xoxo

    Mel E.
  • Calli J.

    Beans is more than a photographer, he is a friend. He has done more for me than he could ever know. I've done numerous photo shoots and no one compares to beans and the experience you receive when you step inside of his studio. Walking up those stairs I was a scared girl with no confidence wondering how I would ever compare to the other beautiful ladies that he had shot. The moment I stepped foot inside his studio he immediately put a smile on my face and made me laugh and feel super comfortable. I can not wait to get back into the studio and shoot again!!!! I would highly recommend any lady who wants to do a sexy photo shoot to come to this guy for sure!!!

    Calli J.
  • Amber N.

    Beans has you feeling beautiful, confident, and welcomed from your very first encounter. His beautiful work draws you in, then from the first moment you meet him any hesitation or insecurity goes away instantly. The best part is your finished product. As soon as he drops the very first photo, edited or not, your heart skips a beat and takes your breath away. I can't wait to get back to him! They say to never settle for less than the best and Beans is definitely the BEST!!!!

    Lia N.
  • Amber N.

    Beans is one of the best photographers and friend you could ever ask for! He goes beyond and above to make you feel comfortable and sexy at the same time! Wouldn't recommend anyone but him!

    Amber N.
  • Hillary G.

    Beans made my first professional photoshoot truly memorable, from the awesome down time activities like bourbon street and delicious culture food to making sure I was completely comfortable throughout the entire shooting experience! I can't wait to go back!

    Hillary G.
  • Stormi M.

    Shooting was an out of this world experience. One of those this is way too good to be true moments. I thought it was such a fairytale after seeing our finished images. Having fun is a must and the man has amazing hospitality no matter who you are or what you like you will sure find comfort behind the scenes of Beansfotos.

    Stormi M.
  • Stephanie H.

    He made me feel super comfortable, showed me how to do poses and it was never a dull moment, I will be shooting with him again :-)

    Stephanie H.
  • Jessica H.

    From the moment you slip on your high heels and step in front of the camera with Beans, every insecurity flies out the studio window. He makes you feel like the hottest bitch around and gives you the confidence behind knowing your pictures are going to be flawless and jaw-droppingly sexy!

    Jessica H.