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Trade (TF) Shoot Information

The information below is not specific to Beansfotos or you (the reader). It can, and should be, considered and applied to all modeling situations where trade or paid shoots are up for consideration! The information on this page is specifically related to Photographer & Model shoots. Not shoots contracted by brands, agencies, events, etc. Those situations work differently than a one on one shoot situation.

The quick/short explanation to most ladies is that TRADE shoot = FREE shoot.

The true meaning is that both the model and photographer are bringing value of something to the table and they are trading so that no money is exchanged for services or photos. 
Since most photographers don't have much to offer ladies as for as exposure/jobs/publishing they are forced to do free shoots for ladies simply because they are attractive or have large social media followings. This hurts the true understanding of "TRADE - TF" shoots because a lot of young/new photographers will offer any pretty face (even when the model is new) a free shoot and after a few of those, then those ladies tend to think they deserve free "trade" shoots from everyone. 10 free shoots from friends/family/new photographers does not equal 1 free shoot from photographers with experience, and established connections and internationally published work. Who you have previously worked with and how much you paid (or were paid), if anything, should not determine if they decide to work with you for no cost.

3 Options for Shoots and when they should be applied:
  • Model Gets Paid to Shoot- The quickest way for a photographer to land next level clients is to shoot someone on that higher level, but if the photographer is new, that will be difficult because those ladies/celebs keep small circles... in order for him to do that without just waiting for a break, he would have to pay a Playboy or Maxim or Victoria’s Secret model to shoot, and then when he and she post pictures from that shoot, it will instantly give them that next level exposure and credibility to that clientele.
  • Photographer Gets Paid Shoot - In instance a young lady likes a photographers work, the photographer has the connections, has been published and the young lady being seen in the photographers work enhances her chances for being seen, published, landing more gigs, and putting some work in her portfolio that she really likes. In this situation the lady doesn't have anything really to offer the photographer, then she would pay photographer for his time and work.
  • Trade shoot / No Money Exchanged - In this instance they both have something to offer, usually exposure etc... If a model from another area/region/level has a very nice fan/social media following and the photographer wants to break into that market because he doesn't have any clients in that circle or arena. She loves his work and wants to work with him. She gains the photos from working with him and he would gain the exposure to the new market of fans and potential clients which could be very valuable to expansion.
I only offer TRADE shoots in these occasions:
  • When I JUST WANT TO. I will offer a young lady a trade/free shoot, but this is ONLY for that moment and cannot be carried over to whenever she wants at a later date. No matter what her reason was for wanting later. DO NOT ASK ME for a trade shoot or free shoot.
  • When it's a model that I have worked with before and we are shooting for me to get a lot of ideas and things that I need/want done. Most of the time that stuff is very high in skin or nudity (sometimes with privates showing) and even though the model's face is usually not shown, there is a certain level of comfort that I like to already have with the model since she usually will be fully nude while shooting and her being timid and shy by just having her clothes off or because I may see her privates can hinder progress. I don't really like to guess or take chances with new ladies feeling uncomfortable by asking them to do a lot of my TRADE ideas for this reason; which leads to bad reviews and negative chatter.
  • If a model has a very huge social media following on IG, TW or FB Fanpage and has done things that I aspire to do, and shooting her can help me achieve those goals.
  • If the lady is traveling in from very different areas and regions of the world that I have not been exposed to yet. When they post images we have done together it will put my work in front of clients, fans and businesses that may have never heard about me, and that helps me expand my brand.

If you have any other qurstions please feel free to take a look at our Common Questions page HERE and if that still does not take care of your question, feel free to ask us one HERE.